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Emplyment Opportunities

SecureIt Tactical's exclusive line of modular component based weapon storage solutions have set a new
standard of operational excellence in modern arsenals all over the world. Our innovative approach to
storage design with emphasis on meeting mission critical objectives has helped provide military and law enforcement agencies with a greater level of cost-effective functionality, versatility and security.

SecureIt Weapon Rack NSN Numbers
Re-Think Weapon Storage

Build an entire armory with just 1 or 2 NSNs
4 Essential Components. Unlimited Weapon Storage Capabilities!
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NSN weapon storage components

NSN rack M2 rifle storage rack nsn NSN rack M2  weapon and gear storage M2 rack nsn NSN rack M2 NSN rack system M2 NSN storage rack M2 NSN rack NSN rack M2 and nvg storage M2  rifle storage rack NSN


2013 New York State SWAT Competition
Congratulations to Rochester SWAT

2nd overall and Winners of the SecureIt Tactical Model 84 weapon racks.

IACP 2013 Philadelphia
SecureIt will debut the FAST Box

Warrior East EXPO 2013 July 11-12
SecureIt will launch our new Mini TA-50 gear locker

Virginia Beach Convention Center
July 12, 2013 | 1030 - 1600 EDT
July 12, 2013 | 1030 - 1500 EDT

See the new
Tactical Mobile Showroom

TGS 1500 gaining popularity in the home market

The TGS 1500 weapon storage cabinet was developed to meet the needs of the law enforcement community. This is a very popular product with agencies across the country. We are now seeing a lot of sales growth in the consumer market.
... see article: TGS 1500

Sneak peek 2nd generation
Tactical EXP weapon rack. The series 2 EXP weapon rack will enter production this month. Improvement to the popular rack allow for easier assembly, adjustment and a wider variety of components.

NSN numbers have been assigned to SecureIt Tactical Weapons Racks
We are very excited. Military units now have the ability to purchase modern weapons storage systems through standard purchasing channels.

Spear Tactical chooses SecureIt

Spear Tactical will use SecureIt Tactical Model 84 weapons cabinets for their advanced
training center in Idaho. - "We know Vince"

JHSV project continues
The U.S. Navy has exercised contract options funding the construction of the sixth and seventh Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV). SecureIt supplies weapons storage cabinets to the JHSV Program. SecureIt's cabinets are the only modern storage system approved for use on Naval vessels.

4 essential components! Unlimited weapon storage capabilities!

Learn More: Storage Platform

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